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Come utilizzare il nastro butilico non tessuto?

Tempo: 2022-08-24 Colpi : 53

Tessuto non tessuto Nastro butilico is a kind of tape with good sealing, and the surface adhesion
Strong, can be used in electrical and waterproof places. So how about Non-woven Butyl Tape
use? What should I pay attention to when using the waterproof belt? - Get up and see!
How to use Non-woven Butyl Tape:
1. According to the gap size and width requirements of the joint part, select the
grid tape.
2. Then use a rag to clean the joints or cracks.
3. Take out the Non-woven Butyl Tape, tear off the release paper, and slowly attach it to the seam
4. Finally, press the tape slowly by hand to make the seam more tightly sealed.
Non-woven Butyl Tape is used together with PVC tape.
Available for electrical wiring
Reliable waterproof sealing and insulating protection. Non-woven Butyl Tape is a kind of self-melting
Electrical insulation and waterproof sealing tape with good properties and conformability. it table
Strong surface adhesion and good thermal stability. It can be used for electrical insulation and protection
Water sealing, etc.
The Non-woven Butyl Tape has good self-melting properties, if you want to use it for electrical and waterproof equipment
in preparation,
Recommended to use with PVC tape for better sealing and insulation
it is good. And it also provides good conformance to irregular surfaces
It has good adhesion to copper, aluminum and other materials.